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What Do You Do With An Old Shirt?

Like many scrapbookers, I’m behind.  I’m working my way through the events of 2002.  My daughter was in the 5th grade at the time and a member of her elementary school’s academic team.  I had collected a couple of pictures as well as some other memorabilia and had plans to do a layout with a background page that was of a school blackboard.

It probably was a good thing that I hadn’t gotten to that page yet because when we were packing for her to leave for college, we found the shirt she wore to academic meets.  Her brother didn’t have any interest in participating in academic team had also already graduated to middle school so giving him the shirt as a hand-me-down didn’t make much sense.  (He wouldn’t have worn it anyway.)  So, what DO you do with an old shirt that really has no meaning to anyone else?

You make it a scrapbook page background!


While I’d love to claim this as my idea, it actually comes from a book I got from the library a couple of years ago.  It was basically the same idea except it featured the shirt of someone’s grandfather.  When I first saw it I thought it was so clever and I kicked myself for not saving one of my Dad’s shirts so I could have done the same thing with one of his pages.  Obviously it made an impression and I still found a way to incorporate it into my scrapbooking!

The red rectangle at the bottom of the page is actually my daughter’s name plate that was used at competitions.  Because it was of her real name, I masked it on the photo before posting.

Hello World!

Last night was the first meeting of a new scrapbooking group that is being formed in my area.  If you haven’t yet been exposed to, I strongly recommend it!  There are LOTS of special interest groups from all over the country and it is a great way to make contacts with people who share your interests.  I made some amazing new friends and I’m very excited about getting to know these ladies better.

During our get together, I discovered that quite a number of the ladies had craft blogs.  I’m behind the times!  I’m not new to blogging but I’ve never managed to get around to setting up a craft blog.  So, at long last, I’m finally getting started!

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