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Meet Up!

Through a friend, last summer I discovered is a website that is host to many special interest groups throughout the country.  I joined a local hiking group and have gone on a number of hikes in our area.  It’s been a great way to meet people, get some exercise, and to learn more about the area in which I live. 

One evening a few months ago, I decided to take a look at what other groups might be in my area.  I discovered a new scrapbooking group that was forming right up the road from where I live!  Last night was our second “meet up”.  It was great fun with lots of laughter and conversation and we even got some work done! 

Here are the layouts I completed.  Remember, I’m still working in 2002! 


My daughter’s 5th grade field trip to Shakertown.  I used the Shaker “Tree of Life” logo as my inspiration for the embellishments.  I also included a typed print-out of the essay she had to write for class upon her return to school. 


My daughters 5th grade promotions and award breakfast.  My main focus on these pages was to include the pictures of her classmates.  All these kids graduated high school this past June so it was fun to see what they looked like so long ago.  Journaling of names will have to wait until the next time my daughter comes home from college to visit.


Two pages of random pictures of my son being cute.  I have a terrible time limiting down pictures like this.  Each expression shows his personality and I love them all.  The layouts are very basic so that the focus is on him.

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