Brought to You by Google

Yesterday I was supposed to be working on a database…  Well, I did, for about an hour and a half.  Then if was off to Ramona’s for an impromptu “play day”.  (I’ve got my priorities, you know!)  I was armed with paper and an idea to sketch and paper-piece together a wheelbarrow.  But thanks to Ramona and her Cricut, she provided me with exactly what I had in mind!


Once the layout was in place, I was still in need of a clever title.  We brainstormed…  “Free Wheelin'”…  “Free Loadin'”…  Possibilities, but not quite the punch this page deserved.  I put it aside and worked on some others.

When I arrived home, I showed the page to my husband and told him of my dilemna with the title.  Sometimes he is a complete master at coming up with captions and clever sayings, even to the point, that when we’ve been going through photos and and events and I’ve deemed something “non-scrapbook worthy”  (yes, it IS possible), he can come up with something so clever that it makes the most mundane pictures scream to be scrapbooked.  This time, however, he came up empty.

It was then I turned to the resource of all resources — Google.  I googled “wheelbarrow quotes”.  I found some tiny little poem by William Carlos Williams which didn’t fit.  Then as I scrolled down further, I found a hit that appeared to be an ad/request for a wheelbarrow.  It read “wheelbarrow, not for highway use”.  Amidst my giggles, I shared it with my husband who nodded in approval and reminded me how when our son was riding in the wheelbarrow, he was shouting, “Faster Daddy, Faster!”  It all fit, and it was just too funny not to use!


Comments on: "Brought to You by Google" (2)

  1. I knew your hubby was good for something. I’ll have to use him when I need a title!

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