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Just a Little Imagination

There are so many wonderful papercrafting toys out there!  I’d love to have them all!  If the people in my house weren’t so fond of eating I might have a bigger budget for such items.  I’m not complaining.  I do have my fair share of toys and I have wonderful friends that share theirs.

Every now and then, even with unlimited access to our toys, we need something with which they can’t help us.  That’s when we rely on good old fashioned imagination!


The picture in this layout was my son and two of his friends.  They had a day off school and decided to “build” a club house in our front yard with whatever they managed to find in our garage.  Most noteable was the big golf umbrella and it was the inspiration for my page.

I set to creating my own template for the large umbrella using a piece of scrap paper and a pencil.  I sketched, erased and revised until I had the umbrella just that way I wanted it.  Then I commited it to permanent lines and cut the pieces out with scissors.  I traced those templates onto colored cardstock which I cut out and pieced together to create the background for the photo.

As always, I’ve masked out the names but you might notice the date.  It’s from 2008.  I’ve written in previous postings how I’m working on 2002.  Every so often I do skip around when I’ve come up with a great idea.  It can be a sample I’ve seen somewhere or if I’ve found the perfect paper or embellishment.   Or it might even be something I thought up all on my own!

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