Hooray for eBay!

My husband and I are eBay junkies.  We love a good bargain.  We don’t necessarily shop for the same things.  He’s about DVDs, photography and karate equipment and I am, of course, about craft supplies.  So as not to clutter each other’s watch lists, we have our own accounts.

The one thing we do agree upon is that for it to be worthwhile, we need to get a good deal.  We marvel at those people who bid the price of a used item up beyond what they could get it for new at retail or through mail order, especially when it’s not a particularly rare item.  When we’re searching for something, we always have our limits in mind and that includes the price of the item as well as the shipping cost.  We’ve learned, that for the most part, if you’re patient enough, that same item will come around again. 

And so it was with the latest acquisition to my stamping arsenol!


I happened upon this stamp several weeks ago on one of my random searches for “rubber stamp”.  It’s not like I really NEED another stamp.  If you could see what I call my “Great Wall of Stamps” you would probably determine there couldn’t possibly be something I don’t have.  But any stamping addict will tell you, there’s always at least one more!

I do gravitate toward certain categories.  I love flowers and leaves and who can resist House Mouse?  And then there are snowflakes and swirls.  I use stamps in my scrapbooking, so many times I am looking for those stamps that parallel my kids’ activities and interests — dance and karate, for example.  My daughter is in college now with aspirations to become a zoologist, so most recently, I find myself drawn to animal stamps.  I couldn’t help myself when I found All Night Media’s “Zoo Babies”.

As I said, I first discovered it several weeks ago.  I carefully watched the auction and was waiting to bid as it neared the end.  Much to my dismay, the bidding took the price far beyond my limit.  I was disappointed but figured I would be able to find that stamp somewhere else.  So I set to work searching.  I checked the seller’s other listings hoping perhaps there was a second stamp.  No such luck.  I was unsuccessful with the manufacturer’s website as well as several other stamp sites I wander through from time to time.  Evidently this was a retired stamp.  I made note of the manufacturer and decided to check from time to time on eBay to see if another would surface.

I’m happy to say that last week one did!  Again, I watched the auction carefully and placed my bid with anticipation.  I’m proud to say that I won the stamp at the opening price — much less than the amount to which I was willing to bid! 

Patience DOES pay off!

And oh the ideas for cards that are dancing in my head now!


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