Danz Aary Danz

My daughter danced competitively for 7 years.  I have tons of pictures, ribbons and medals from her competitions.  Together, she and I decided to keep all of her dance related pages together in the same album.  Well since all that stuff is organized and filed chronologically, it has taken me until just this week to get to the beginning of her dance career.

Here are a few of the pages I’ve completed in her new dance album:


Cover page — If you’ve ever met my daughter, you would know that this cover page suits her personality perfectly!


First Dance Camp — A very exciting time for a 10 year old!  They got to stay in the dorms at the University where this camp was hosted.  They also qualified for what was for her, her first national competition.


Dress Rehearsal — The first time wearing her new sparkly competition costume and performing their competition routine for an audience!

I’m lovin’ working on these pages!  I can bling them up like no others, because, well, it’s all about dance!  There’s no such thing as too much bling!


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