Stamp It Up


Here’s a card that I whipped together for one of my son’s friends.  It was his birthday and there was an overnight party.  Of course, my son didn’t fill me in until the day before.   What can I say?  He’s a middle schooler.  And a boy.

Now, here’s the secret.  I don’t own this stamp!  I know.  It’s scandalous!

The stamp actually belongs to my friend Ramona.  Her son is an amazing trombone player.  When he is in town, he gives lessons to my son.  My son has only been playing since last June, so while I have musical note stamps, I have not yet collected my obligatory number of trombone stamps.  Yes, I know I need to get on it or I won’t be in good standing as a “Band Mom”.

Quite a while ago, Ramona and I discovered that we don’t HAVE to own EVERY stamp.  Again, I know, it’s scandalous.  But practically speaking, there is only so much storage space and so much funding available.  On top of that, there are always those stamps we fall in love with that have been retired and are no longer available as well as those favorites other friends own with which they simply are unwilling to part.

So here’s the solution.  Whenever we are stamping with others, we always have extra white card stock.  If we discover a stamp we really like, we are prepared.  We can borrow it and stamp as many images as we like — to be used later.  That’s exactly what I did with the trombone stamp!


I have a couple dozen stamped images that are cut and ready for whatever project may come along.  I didn’t have to spend time creating the finished projects.  I can do that later whenever I choose. 

Since I’m already set with something on which to work, these are great little “grab and go” items.  All I need are my stamped images and colored pencils.  This sort of thing comes in very handy to easily take with me if I’m traveling, waiting on my son when he’s at an activity or in the evening if I’m watching TV or a DVD with my husband.  No big prep involved!

Even though it is my son that is the trombone player, his friend also takes band.  He is a tuba player but I knew he would appreciate the card anyway.  Since my son and his buddies have dubbed themselves “The Band Geeks”, I guess I better start looking for some tuba, trumpet, and other band related stamps too.  I’m sure there are plenty out there.  Or in my friends’ stashes!


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  1. too cute!!!

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