Let Me Entertain You

I have one of the most entertaining little boys on the planet.  Combine that with my photographer husband and you get quite a lot of inspiration for scrapbooking.  I have thousands and thousands of pictures on my server.  I have more trouble limiting myself rather than finding something to scrapbook. 


It never takes much for my son to give us a show.  In this case, all he needed was a piece of bread, a knife and a tub of butter.  He was always one that insisted on, “Doing it myself!”  We just sat back and photographed it.  It’s hard to see from this photo, but on the second page, he has butter all over his face.  The title comes from a saying my Mom has always used.  The bread template was courtesy of my friend Betsy.


Here’s another one.  A swing and a few pushes and off he goes!  The fascination he had with his feet while swinging led my creativity with these pages.  Always the scientific mind, he was very interested in how he could make the swing work all by himself.


Comments on: "Let Me Entertain You" (2)

  1. How do you come up with all your ideas??

    • I pretty much let the pictures lead me. I’ve also started keeping a journal with quotes or things that have been said during picture taking events and those give me ideas too. My son is as hilarious as they come — si many times I’ve had to leave the room because he makes me laugh when I shouldn’t!

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