…she’s going to take pictures.  It doesn’t really matter of what.  She’ll take pictures of ANYTHING.  And that’s what I discovered while I am working my way through scrapbooking the summer of 2002.  My daughter went to camp twice that year and took her camera with her.  The 2 envelopes of pictures provided me with very little inspiration.  There weren’t any pictures of her.  It also didn’t help that I wasn’t involved in these events so I really didn’t know what was and what wasn’t important to her.

The easy solution would have been to add the pictures to the file box of the “unscrapable”, but no, I couldn’t do that!  The camping trips were happy memories for her even if the pictures themselves weren’t so memorable. 

When in doubt, go straight to the source!  I got her on webcam from college.  (Incidently, I must confess, I’ll use any excuse to get her to webcam with me, but at least this time it was legitimate, right?)  I held up each picture to see if she could help me out.  Picture after picture resulted with her shaking her head and wondering, much as I had, why on earth she took that picture in the first place.  However, out of the 2 stacks of photos, she did manage to pick out a few of each camping trip.

Now, what could I do with them?  I had some cute camping paper and embellishments, but even the chosen photos really didn’t seem to merit that type of treatment.  They really still were just a hodge podge of captured moments suitable for a bulletin board rather than a scrapbooking page.  And there I had it!  I could scrapbook them like they’d been posted on a bulletin board, or in this case, an old wooden fence, much like what you’d find at camp!


And that’s exactly what I did.  I mounted the photos without mats on background paper of a wooden fence.  I stamped push pins, colored and cut them out and glued them on to make it look like the photos had been tacked onto the fence.  The final pieces were stamped wooden signs on which I wrote the name of the camp and the location.

Over the years she did get better at taking photos.  With the more recent events I have tons of great pictures to sift through.  And of course, I’ll need to webcam with her again about those!


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