Think Spring

We’re snowed under with more snow than we’ve had in recent years.  It’s beautiful and I am truly grateful for the luxury of working for myself so that I can truly enjoy being snowed in and not having to go out.  I could get out if I wanted to, but I don’t!

One of my favorite stamp sets is “Terrific Tulips” by Stampin Up.  Although the set has been retired, it can still be found on eBay.  It is wonderful set for creating some beautiful springtime cards.  Even with all this snow, these bright, cheery cards remind me that spring is just around the corner!





The shadowed appearance is done by stamping images on white card stock, overlaying vellum on top, and then stamping on the vellum.  Some inks take longer to dry on vellum so it’s a good idea to plan ahead to allow drying time for these cards.

Another technique that works well with this set is what is called “two-step stamping”.  Using 2 shades of inks, images are stamped over each other to create a very artsy look without having to be very artsy at all!


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