Shore Is Fun

As I scramble to catch up on my scrapbooking, I find so often I default to matting my pictures and arranging them on coordinating backgrounds.  This gets the job done but all too often I’m disappointed when the pages look more like glorified photo albums rather than scrapbooks.  As much as possible I try to add titles, captions, and embellishments, but I still find myself wanting more.

Most recently, I’ve taken to creating shorelines for my pages that involve water activities.  A little bit of torn edges and some stamping over the top goes a long way to create a fun and interesting border.


This was the first layout I had done.  It is from last summer when my husband and son went to the “Father & Kids Campout” with our church.  The picture of my two guys with their canoe was what started it all.  My son was completely into canoeing and I definately wanted to capture that feeling.


I used this same technique with some pictures of my daughter and me fishing.  Although she managed to catch a fish, it was the only one.  I caught a rock and it wasn’t long before we lost interest in the fish and turned our attention toward the ducks.  Somehow a fish theme just didn’t seem right but the shoreline worked perfectly!

Same idea, but two very different looks!


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