Ink Or Dye

February 18th was the last meeting of Ink Or Dye, the stamping group to which I belong.  We now meet at Ramona’s house where we have lots of room to play.  It’s such a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Ramona is blessed with a wonderful husband who doesn’t at all mind our monthly invasion!

Our card swap theme for this month was “A Round Card for a Square Envelope”.  I really struggled with this one as did several other members.  I’ve determined I’m definately not a “round card person” and that there is a very good reason to buy rather than make envelopes!


I had some round Lacé templates and I thought that would be the perfect thing for a round card.  I’m not sure if it was my paper or my exacto knife, but I had a difficult time making the cuts without tearing the paper.  And I had a brand new blade in my knife!  I usually do at least 2 cards — 1 to trade and 1 to keep.  As you can see from the second card, I chose to do a much less intricate pattern after becoming so frustrated fighting with my knife.


This was the card I received in the swap.  I love the scalloped edge and I’ve added this set of Nestabilities to my wish list.  Kendall made this card.  Her cards are always so artsy and beautiful!

The theme, “What I See Out My Window”, for the ATC swap was much easier! 


I stamped a window that actually opened to reveal a picture of my son when he was 3 years old, standing naked by the pool.  There were lots of laughs as my ATC was passed around and my friends discovered what I see out MY window!  Originally I thought my son, who is now in middle school, might be a bit upset with my use of that picture.  Quite the contrary, but he was sure to point out that the picture had not been taken from my window and that the angle was all wrong!


Toni made the ATC I received.  She used pastels to simulate the sky at sunset.  I love the woodgrained paper she used to create her window.  Very clever!

And now, for the group! 


Ramona!  Yes, I know I will hear about posting this pic, but borrowing her favorite saying, “Bite Me!”   🙂


Betsy & Kendall!


Kendall, Marian & Sandi!


Connie, Margy & Toni!

Just so I have the opportunity to redeem myself, I promise to take better pictures next month! 


Comments on: "Ink Or Dye" (3)

  1. very cool cards!!!!

  2. how did you do the window card? it’s really cool!

    • Thanx Laura! The card is layered. The stamp is by Art Impressions. I stamped it and cut it out. Then I cut the window so it would open with an exacto knife and metal ruler. I sized the photo to be slightly larger than the opening but not larger than the outside edges of the window frame. I glued the window over the top of the photo.

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