I’m up to September of 2002!  I’ve actually got my papers and titles stacked and ready to go for all my 2002 pictures up to November.  Here’s a selection of some of the pages I’ve recently completed.


Again, Snickerdoodle, the most photographed dog ever.  He wasn’t quite a year old and he claimed my office chair.  The title came from a comment my husband made as we were looking through the pictures to decide which ones I was going to scrapbook.


My son and one of our other dogs, Scout, taking a snooze.  My son is sleeping on the floor while Scout chose to make himself comfortable on the sofa.


My daughter playing on a tire swing at a family friend’s house.  I hand drew a template to make the tire swing embellishments.  The “rope” is twine that has been tired onto the paper tires.


This is my daughter trying out her new trampoline.  She’s having a great time but the world’s most photographed dog has a very different opinion.  The detail doesn’t show very well in the photograph but the title reads “Jumping for Joy…  …Or Not!” with the “Or Not” placed directly beside one of Snickerdoodle’s pictures.  I also included conversation bubbles that say things like, “Help!”, “Save Me!” and “This is not funny!”


First day of 6th grade!  It’s hard to believe that she’s within weeks of finishing her freshman year at college.


My son’s preschool class picture.  He was 3 year old at the time.  Now he’s in middle school!


Comments on: "Working My Way Through 2002" (2)

  1. Gina Dodson said:

    Ok, two questions… first off, what are you using to make your titles? I love that lettering!! Secondly, can yo bring these to crop so I can see them up close and personal? I am a little sad only being able to see them small and from afar. 😦

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. capriky said:

    The letters are from a Sizzix alphabet called “Mac & Cheese”. I happened to be at Michael’s one day and they had all their Sizlet alphabets clearanced at $9.99. Believe it or not, hubby discovered them! I bought several! And yes, I can bring the albums to crop. 😀

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