Crafts 2000

My weekend road trip excursion included a 38 mile trip to the craft oasis known as “Crafts 2000”.


I was in search of discount prices on colored pencils, blending stumps and dauber top bottles for my upcoming class.  The prices were indeed lower than Michael’s and Hobby Lobby but considering both of those stores offer 40% off coupons, that is still the better route to go.  For the most part, the prices were competitive but not as discounted as I had hoped. 

I did find some really good buys at Crafts 2000 and their clearance stuff had some amazing treasures.  I picked up 3 sets of See D’s stamps for $1.00 each, a selection of chipboard letters and shapes for $1.00 per package and a selection of stickers ranging from 10 cents to 50 cents per package.  They also had packages of Core’dinations paper for $1.99.  All in all it was a worthwhile trip.  There were some things I probably shouldn’t have passed up that would have been great for classes, but since I was on more of an investigative trip, I really hadn’t put my thoughts together in that regard.


We had a fun time scoping things out.  And just so you know, my son passed on the grass skirt, opting instead for some items with which to make candy.


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