Ink Or Dye

Last night was our monthly Ink Or Dye meeting.  We started the evening with dinner at Beef O’Brady’s.  Gotta love those 99 cent margaritas!  I know I did!

Our card swap theme was “Oops!”  I wanted to think outside the box of just purposely making a mistake on my card.  I had been coloring some pink flamingos for another project when it came to me that I should do an animal of a different color.  My first thought was purple cows but then suddenly “Pink Elephants on Parade” from Dumbo starting running through my mind.  Over and over and over.  It was a direct flashback to when my daughter was a toddler and she would designate a “movie of the week” that she would watch over and over.  I’m still pretty good with Disney dialog!  Anyway, here’s my card:

Too many margaritas = pink elephants!  Oops!

I received Betsy’s cute springtime card in the swap.


It not only opened backwards but upside down!

Our ATC theme was “I’ve Got the Music in Me”.  My first thought was to do something with a trombone since that’s what my son plays.  However, I talked myself out of it since Ramona’s son also plays the trombone — in fact he’s the one who got my little guy started.  I need to quit over thinking these swaps.  Even when, and especially when, I attempt to come up with something I don’t believe Ramona will be doing, our swaps still have a way of ending up all too similar.  You know what they say about like minds…  Or is it warped minds?  Hers had a music background with a lady singing.  Mine below, had a music background with a little bear dancing.


I received Barb’s swap.  She very cleverly put her music IN the bunny on her ATC. 


He definately has the music in him.  And he’s dancing the bunny hop.  There we go again with like minds!


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