I come from a long line of garage salers.  My great aunt introduced me to the tradition a number of years ago when I was about 10 years old.  I was instantly hooked.  There just is something about searching through piles of other people’s junk looking for treasures!

The items for which I quest have changed over the years.  Among them have been books for my elementary school classroom library, My Little Ponies for my daughter, camping equipment and craft supplies for the Girl Scout Troop, and Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh cards for my sons.  The past couple of seasons I’ve not really had anything in particular for which to search but I still enjoyed the fun of seeing what was out there.

This year’s garage sale season began last Saturday with a huge sale where my husband works.  They are sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity house and it was a fundraiser for that project.  There were also a few other stops along the way.  (Newspaper ads that highlight craft supplies ALWAYS catch my eye!)

Since I started teaching paper arts classes and joined two altered arts groups, I am now looking for anything that might work for either of those endeavors.  My travels on Saturday did not disappoint!


I found all sorts of goodies!  Vertical organizers, divided trays, a lazy susan, buttons, bobbins, beads, lace, ribbon, a craft knife, dowels, and an old dictionary.  The bamboo placemats, sea shell hot pad and bag of balloons are some items I will be using in an upcoming class.  The food processor has my creative thoughts flowing as I plan another class about how to make homemade paper.

All these goodies and I only spent $16.75 — not bad for a morning of shopping and hours of entertainment to come!


Comments on: "It’s Garage Sale Season!" (2)

  1. Love the prices at garage sales–I’m too lazy to make it to many though. Love the dictionary! I think I have 10 now and hate to tear pages out of them. So silly!!!

    • If there’s something in particular you’d like me to keep an eye out for, just let me know!

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