Free! (And Reasonable)

Once again, Saturday morning found me scouting the Garage Sales for goodies.  My daughter went with me and we enjoyed breakfast and conversation along the way until she had to be home to get ready for her own Saturday plans.  Then my hubby surprised me by forgoing his karate classes so we could spend some time together.  I actually would have missed a few treasures if it hadn’t been for him.  Can you imagine? 

Much to my excitement, several of the sales had boxes of items free for the taking.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Here’s a glimpse into my free acquisitions:


My goodies include Christmas gift bags and tags, a snowflake, a Christmas tree basket, vinyl gift bags, wall paper rolls, CD cases, buttons, mirrors, dried moss, Easter trees (to be disassembled for a spring wreath I’ve been wanting to make, a vinyl Easter table cloth, stencil, plastic cups, and various kitchen utensils to be devoted to craft purposes. 

Now on to my actual purchases:


I scored more ribbon, ric rack, fiber and buttons for cards, lace, hot pink alphabet stickers, flowers, paper lace heart doilies, beads, bows, a ceramic mold and ceramic presses, a storage container, another small pot pouri crock pot and a ruler.  My most fabulous find was the GBC binding system and supplies for only 1 dollar!  It normally retails for $49.99.  My hubby is credited for finding the 3 brand new Stampin’ Up sets. 

My total expenditures for the day?  $10.75.  Not a bad haul!


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  1. I love seeing what you got on your thrifting adventures! Thanks for sharing–looks like a great haul! I spent the last couple of days haunting Etsy shops and bought a few things there–not as great deals as you but still got some fun vintage stuff! Can’t wait to get them!

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