My middle school son and his friends absolutely love Runescape.  If they had their way they would be playing morning, noon, night, and all night for that matter!  What’s a mother to do?

Well just so you know I’m truly not the meanest mother on earth, I did grant him the privelege of a couple of days grace when school first let out.  However, since then he’s been involved in 4H classes, park programs, karate classes, library trips and free movies at our local movie theater.  It doesn’t take him off Runescape completely but it does offer some nice diversions.

Last week he participated in a leather working class.



He was quite proud of his new belt and spent hours pouring over the leather crafting catalog he brought home with him. 

But Runescape is not forgotten!  Those names tooled into the leather?  They are most definately Runescape related!


Comments on: "Just Say “No” to Runescape" (2)

  1. abree107 said:

    I love runescape that is true but it is a wonderful game. With all of these diversions what is a son to do?

  2. capriky said:

    Hmmm… Trombone practice comes to mind… Cleaning your room… And any number of other chores! 😛

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