Moms are always saying, “Don’t play with your food.” But truly, it isn’t such a bad thing.

Before she headed back to college, my daughter and I took a “Bento Bonanza” class at the library. She has always been fascinated with Japanese culture and has talked about wanting a bento box of her own.  We thought she might also get ideas for things she could prepare in her dorm room.

We learned some basics about bento lunches.  The idea is to create healthy and delicious dishes that are visually appealing.  We then got to work making some cute and clever food items.


The Wall-E sandwich was just too cute for words!

Here’s a turkey sandwich that doesn’t have to be made with turkey!

Sheep rice balls!

Mario Mushrooms!

They were right about the visual appeal.  I brought my creations home to my son.  He’s one of the pickiest eaters around.  The Wall-E sandwich was an instant hit with him insisting we start buying wheat bread.  He also enjoyed the rice balls.  Unfortunately the vegetables in the turkey sandwich weren’t camoflaged enough.  The mushrooms made him smile, but not enough to want to try them.

That’s ok.  I’m happy with achieving success with the wheat bread.  And that he now will eat ham and cheese sandwiches — even when they don’t look like Wall-E! 


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