Craft Room Redo

My craft room is really one section in my basement.  It is a basement, unfinished by choice.  Three years ago we had a sump pump failure during heavy rains and it flooded.  The most we had in some places was about 2 inches but the mess was incredible.  What kept me sane during the clean up was that it would have been so much worse had we actually finished the basement.  We decided at that time we would stop entertaining thoughts of finishing it.  I guess there was a reason we never seemed to get around to that project!  It’s still useful space.  We’ve changed the way we store things down there.  Lots of plastic bins and shelving and furniture that elevate the storage. 

Over the years, older pieces of furniture found their way to the basement as they were replaced.  Items we didn’t really need but with which we weren’t yet ready to part.  What was spared from the flood still remained.  In my attempts to entice my husband and kids downstairs to hang out with me while I was crafting, I made room for an old loveseat in my craft area.  We also had a small television set complete with VHS and DVD players.  This maneuver was mildly successful,  however, the little love seat couldn’t compete in comfort with our oversized couch in the livingroom upstairs.  You just couldn’t stretch out and nap on the loveseat and when my son would join my husband there wasn’t quite room for the both of them.  And of course the dog wanted to be included so things got even more crowded.

My husband made the remark about a week ago, “You know, if we could have the couch on this side of the basement it would be SO much more comfortable and I’d spend more time downstairs with you.”  Unfortunately, the old couch was too large to fit where I had placed the loveseat.  I got out the tape measure and some graph paper and set to work.  If I couldn’t make it work in the area I currently occupied, I negotiated trading spaces with the boys for the area that housed the unused and very cluttered “karate dojo”.  Although this area was larger, there was a piano and office furniture that would need to be accomodated so it really was not as attractive as first thought.  I determined it was best to stick with the space I already had and do some rearranging and reorganizing.  So here’s the result!


The couch that started it all!  (Minus hubby and the dog, but rest assured they have already been napping on it!)


My bulletin/white board is an essential item in my craft room.  You also get a glimpse of what I call “The Great Wall of Stamps”.


A bit more of “The Great Wall of Stamps.”  The old buffet and milk crates house all my paper.  There’s even room now for my laptop!  Plastic bins underneath the buffet offer additional storage.  The colored drawers on the left are my son’s craft stash.


The old end tables were stacked to create an elevated stand for the all important TV/VCR/DVD.  They provide storage for idea books, catalogs and scrapbook albums that are waiting to be filled.  The dresser to the left is now the “cutting station”.  All my punches and dies are stored in the drawers and there is room underneath for some more plastic bins.


Section one of my newly organized supplies!  Drawers have been labeled to identify their contents.


More supplies!  The green topped Snapware is home to lots of my favorite stamps.


Even more supplies!  Not only stamps, but class materials, works in progress as well as finished products just waiting for the next craft show!


My work table is my old dining room table.  LOTS of space to get messy and creative!

Most of what you see was already hiding somewhere in my basement although I did need to make a WalMart run for more plastic storage.  Cost of this project?  About $30!  The “karate dojo” was also cleared out, reorganized and restored to its useful form.  “Trading Spaces” and “Clean Sweep” would be so proud!


Comments on: "Craft Room Redo" (4)

  1. Seeing everyones craft areas must be rubbing off on all of us! I love how your re-organized. GREAT JOB!

    • It definately rubbed off on me! Aary should consider herself lucky I didn’t take over her room! 😛

  2. Hi – I featured your space on my brand new blog. Thank you!

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