Crafting in the Kitchen


It involved crafting techniques and playing with dough, so it, counts!

My son came to me a couple of weeks ago with his “The Science Chef” cookbook.  He loves cinnamon and had found a recipe for Monkey Bread.  We agreed we’d make it for Thanksgiving breakfast.

The three loaves of frozen bread dough thawed in the refrigerator all day yesterday.  Then they sat on the counter to rise until we got home from a pre-Thanksgiving get together with friends.  At midnight we set to work.  Yes, we’re night owls.  Some of our best work is done after many in the world are fast asleep.

Just like playing with clay, we pulled pieces of the dough off the loaves and rolled them into balls.  Then we dipped them in the “glue” (butter) and rolled them in “glitter” (brown sugar/sugar/cinnamon mixture).   Into the kiln (oven) for an hour.  My son headed off to bed while I stayed up and retrieved our creation when it was finished.

This morning, all we needed to do was warm it up.  And it was YUMMY!  I think we have a new Thanksgiving tradition at our house!


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