Aunt Pauline’s Ornament


One of our most special ornaments is one that was hand-crafted by my husband’s Aunt Pauline.  I didn’t have a chance to know her for very long before she passed away, but she was one of the most giving people I have ever met.  She didn’t have a lot, but she gave so much of herself to others.  Even when she was fighting cancer, her thoughts were with me and my husband when he was stuck in Germany while on military duty.

Over the years she was famous for her Easter egg hunts for her nieces and nephews, her little gifts and especially the canisters of homemade goodies she would give out at Christmas.  She always had something for everyone.  She would start baking in September so that she was sure to have plenty to share.  She covered coffee cans with holiday Contact paper and packed them full.  If you didn’t return your empty canister so that she could reuse it for next year, you forfeited your gift the following year.  Having grown up during the Great Depression, she recycled almost everything.

Her special ornaments were made from recycled flash cubes — the kind that were used with the old Kodak Instamatic cameras.  She would take them apart and use the shiny aluminum to create beautiful Christmas ornaments.  My husband isn’t into all the decorating like the kids and I am, but every year, this is the one ornament that he himself hangs on our tree.

We love and miss you Aunt Pauline but we know you are celebrating a Christmas much more beautiful than we can ever imagine with Jesus!


Comments on: "Aunt Pauline’s Ornament" (3)

  1. So sweet. and so sentimental. Thats the best part of the holidays. Have a great Christmas!

  2. Great story! Love hearing about family traditions and especially holiday memories! Reminded me of a few more stories I need to write down! Thanks for sharing!

    • She was a special lady. The stash of supplies she left behind kept my Girl Scout troop doing crafts for years!

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