The Infamous T-Shirt Quilt


It’s been a long time coming.  Years, as a matter of fact.  Ever since I discovered HGTV in 1996.  I’ve been saving my daughter’s special t-shirts.  And did she have them!  Schools, softball, Girl Scouts, camps, dance, special presents, special events…  Once she outgrew them it was hard to toss those memories away.

The original plan was for me to turn them into a quilt for her high school graduation.  She’s half way through her sophomore year in college so obviously that didn’t happen!  And then I blew it again when she thought I was going to surprise her the Christmas of her freshman year.  I knew I couldn’t let another Christmas pass by without making it happen, so as soon as she left to go back to school after Thanksgiving, I set to work.


T-Shirts all cut to size and ready to be sewn together.


All sewn together!  The small squares in between are from a project that Girlie Girl and I were going to do together back when she was about 10 years old and first learned to use a sewing machine.  Again, another one of those things that never seemed to get done!


Snickers issuing his pre-approval!


The actual quilt itself is for a queen size bed.  I used a king size sheet for the backing and two layers of quilt batting.  It was so big and heavy, I had to put my sewing machine on the floor and and enlist the aid of my husband to help me guide and turn it to get all the layers sewn together.


Trimming the edges!


Voila!  It’s finished!


Oh yeah, Snickers approves!


Christmas Morning!

One down and one to go…  At least I have 6 more years before my son goes off to college…  Or do I?


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