In my last post, I mentioned that my son had learned to use my sewing machine when he was in the 5th grade.  I thought I’d share his project.

The school assignment had something to do with westward expansion and pioneers but the details escape me.  Social Studies has never been one of his favorite subjects.  In fact, he thought he could escape this project simply by not doing it!  A note from the teacher quickly remedied that.

He had a choice to build a model of a bridge or to make a carrying bag.  He immediately dismissed the bridge.  Then with some guided brain storming he came up with a fun idea to make the project more interesting.



He located an old pair of jeans and I helped him out by drawing sewing and cutting lines to guide him.  Then we located a bandana from which to make the carrying strap.  And of course he used the scraps for the added “belt’ decoration.


So maybe it wasn’t exactly like what the pioneers might have carried, but much like the pioneers, he did create it from items he had on hand!


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