Christmas Past – Part Two

As I posted yesterday, every ornament on my Christmas tree has special meaning.  Here are some ornaments that were handmade by others.


This ornament dates back to college.  It was my name tag from sorority rush final party of the sorority I pledged.  Yes, I am an Alpha Chi Omega!  There was so much work put into this and the following year I learned just how much when I made these same name tags for the Rushees.  It is very similar to the Alpha Chi Omega pin.  The names were written in gold on the black banner.


I taught school for three years and during that time I received a lot of Christmas ornaments as gifts.  This one was made especially for me.  The little clothespin horse has numbers painted on him because I taught math.


This is another ornament given to me by one of my students.  Because she knew I crocheted, she asked her grandmother to make this especially for me.


This ornament was made by my daughter when she was in kindergarten.  It is one of those made with applesauce and cinnamon.  Even after all these years it still smells wonderfully of cinnamon.


Here is another ornament my daughter made at school from a pipe cleaner and pony beads.


I picked this little Santa up at a craft show.  My orignal intention was to make some of these myself as little presents for my Brownie Girl Scouts.  (I must confess I never got them made!)  It is open on the back and a flat lollipop can be inserted.  It makes a darling favor.  My Mom served as room mother for several years when I was in grade school.  I guess that has something to do with why I still find I’m drawn to such adorable little items.


This is the first fuse bead project that my son completed.  All of the colored beads were placed on the bead form by his little fingers.  I added the clear ones so that I could fuse the project together and keep it forever.  Fuse beads were a huge thing with my daughter who attended so many Girl Scout Camps we lost track of the number.  I found them fascinating too.  During one of our craft sessions, my son wanted to be included as well.  The remarkable thing about this ornament was that my son created it when he was only about 18 months old!


My son’s Godmother made this ornament of my children for our tree.  I never knew exactly how she had done it but when we got together this past Christmas she revealed her secret.  I can’t wait to try it out for myself!


In 2001, my Mom’s church’s youth group made Liberty Bells in remembrance of 9/11.  She gave one of these ornaments to my daughter, my son, and me for our trees.  They are made from tiny inverted flower pots that were painted with acrylics.  And they actually ring!


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