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Scrapbook Memories – March 2011 Schedule


My work schedule has gotten in the way of me watching all the episodes of Scrapbook Memories on Think TV this month but I did manage to catch shows 1600, 1609 and 1610.  I’m hooked!  Such great ideas!

I’m hoping to do better next month and see even more.  Here’s the upcoming schedule for March 2011:

ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 2 6:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 2 10:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 2 10:30 AM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 2 12:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 2 6:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Thu, Mar 3 12:30 AM
ThinkTV14 Prime (14.2) Thu, Mar 3 11:30 AM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 9 6:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 9 10:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 9 10:30 AM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 9 12:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 9 6:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Thu, Mar 10 12:30 AM
ThinkTV14 Prime (14.2) Thu, Mar 10 11:30 AM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 16 6:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 16 10:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 16 10:30 AM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 16 12:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 16 6:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Thu, Mar 17 12:30 AM
ThinkTV14 Prime (14.2) Thu, Mar 17 11:30 AM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 23 6:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 23 10:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 23 10:30 AM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 23 12:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 23 6:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Thu, Mar 24 12:30 AM
ThinkTV14 Prime (14.2) Thu, Mar 24 11:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Sat, Mar 26 2:00 PM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Sat, Mar 26 2:00 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 30 6:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 30 10:30 AM
ThinkTV14 DT/HD (14.5/14.1) Wed, Mar 30 10:30 AM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 30 12:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Wed, Mar 30 6:30 PM
ThinkTV16 Life (16.3) Thu, Mar 31 12:30 AM
ThinkTV14 Prime (14.2) Thu, Mar 31 11:30 AM

Anything Goes

It’s my son rather than my daughter who more frequently joins me in my craft room.  Ever since he was very little he has loved projects — the messier the better!  Of course, since he’s a guy, there has to be some “extra” element to them.

Last summer I introduced him to candle making.  It was sort of round about and sneaky.  We started out making fire starters.


Of course anything that involves fire is an instant hit with a middle school boy!  If you’re into camping and cooking outdoors, these are a must and they are so simple to make.  This “recipe” comes from my days as a Girl Scout Leader.  Here’s what you need:

  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • Dryer lint
  • Wax

Cardboard egg cartons are somewhat a rarity, but I try to buy my eggs that way whenever possible.  It takes quite a lot of lint so that takes a while to collect as well.  The wax is easy.  Since the firestarters don’t have to be beautiful, just functional, any and all sorts of candle leavings work fine.

Heavily pack the dryer lint into the egg cartons.  Melt the wax using a double-boiler method.  I have an old electric skillet that I fill with water and then set metal pitchers in with the wax inside.  The pitchers make it much easier to pour, but coffee cans or other metal cans will do.  Once the wax is melted, it is poured over the dryer lint to saturate it and fill the egg cartons.  Let it cool and then break apart the cartons.

To use the firestarters, place them stategically when building a fire and light the cardboard edges.  Since they are made from items you would normally throw away, there really is no cost involved so you can use several at once.

I think we made 48 of them that day.  If you can imagine, we ran out of lint!

Well my son was hooked and our activities progressed to dipping candles.  Of course that wasn’t enough.  I had collected an abundance of wax and he soon wanted to know what else we could make. 

I showed him how to make “ice” candles using crushed ice and milk cartons.  Again, another easy project.  A regular taper candle is placed in the center of a milk carton and then the carton is filled with crushed ice.  Wax is poured over the ice to fill the carton.  The wax cools very quickly and as the ice melts, the water is poured off.  When the candle is completely cool, the carton is torn away.

Next we pulled out actual candle molds and made some traditional style candles until we ran out of wax.


I’ve been well stocked with candles this winter!

We have plans to play in my craft room this evening.  My son designs and sells earrings and he has a couple of orders to fill.  From there, I’m not sure what direction we’ll take.  In the past we’ve experimented with making paper, mosaics, soap, faux stained glass and collages.  It will pretty much be up to him and as I’ve learned, anything goes!

Ink Or Dye 2011

It’s a new year!  And we’ve revamped our format a bit.  We are still taking turns doing monthly projects but rather that a specific card, we are concentrating on techniques.

In January, Margy showed us how to create some very artsy backgrounds using glossy paper, ink, water and salt.


I must confess, although I made a number of these backgrounds, I’ve yet to transform them into cards.  The card pictured here is Margy’s sample.  I just love it!

This month it was my turn.  I demonstrated a retiform technique.  There are so many possibilities and it has quickly become one of my favorites.  It is also a very quick way to whip out some fabulous cards.



We are still doing our card and ATC exchanges.  January was an open theme. 


My card was created from a copy of an actual photo of my great grandparents dry cleaning delivery truck.


My ATC was inspired from one I found in Jill Haglund’s “Rubber Stamping Artist Trading Cards”.  Albert Einstein is my son’s idol so I couldn’t resist doing this ATC.  Thinking he would be thrilled with my creation, I made an extra one for him as well.  Much to my dismay he wanted to know, “What is this for?”  I told him that my friends and I trade them and they are our version of Pokemon cards.  He has his displayed on the mirror in his room so apparently he did appreciate my efforts!


In our exchange, I received Barb’s card complete with matching bookmark!  She went all out and also included a decorated envelope and labels.


I received Ramona’s ATC.  Inspired by the cold weather we’d been having, hers featured a blue giraffe.

Moving forward, our exchanges will be design challenges.  The project person will bring in a stamp that will be the image we use for our cards and some sort of embellishment that will be used on our ATCs. 


Our image for February was of chickadees perched on a pine branch.


The ATC embellishment was a botanical mulberry paper.

It was so much fun to see what everyone came up with!  Lots of creative ideas!


I colored my image using colored pencils and gamsol.  I also glittered the snow.


I received Margy’s card in the exchange.  She water colored her image and pop dotted the glistening snow.


The botanical paper made me think of spring.  I used it for the background on my ATC and stamped some images on it.


I received Barb’s ATC.  Again this month she made bookmarks.  She also used the paper for her backgrounds but tore it rather than cutting it.

It’s a Guy Thing

Making “guy stuff” is a challenge.  I find myself drawn more to flowers, cute images, elegance, etc. 

Last week at our altered group meeting, Sandy gave each of us a paper mache box with a note pad and pencil.  The challenge was to do something with it. 

My son has been fascinated with notepads ever since he discovered Post-Its when he was about 2 years old.  He’s grown up a bit, but he’s always making notes on pieces of scrap paper while he’s playing games online.  His gaming quickly became the inspiration I needed to decorate the little box.


I googled images from his favorite game and printed them off in various sizes.  I was a bit concerned that the ink might run once I applied Mod Podge so I tested it on an image.  I was relieved to find out that it did not.  I cut out the images and decopaged them randomly over the outside of the box.  While the Mod Podge was still wet, I then spritzed the box with diluted ink solutions containing Pearl Ex in an attempt to give it a shimmer.  The green was a little too bright and intense so after blotting off as much as I could, I followed up with Walnut Ink spray inside and out. 


I placed it on an inverted cup for it to dry, however, a small bump to my table sent it tumbling into some glitter I hadn’t finished cleaning up from another project. 

Note to self:  Clean up after yourself! 


But there are no mistakes!  Just enough glitter had adhered to the box to make it look magical rather than girly.

My son was quite pleased with his new treasure and that’s good enough for me!

Paper Bundles

September 2011

Last September, in my altered arts group, we made paper bundles.  The idea was to take various papers, water colors, string, wire and metal objects, bundle them together, and then hang them outside to allow them to be aged by the elements.

We brought them in at our meeting this past Thursday.  They’ve changed just a little bit.


February 2011

My bundle definately looked weathered and aged.  The wire had rusted as had some of the metal elements.  Unwrapping it was something like unwrapping a present.  I didn’t know what to expect!


Some of the results were amazing.  Colors had blended and run together distressing the papers for any number of altered projects.


Other papers were disappointing.  The looked very much the same as when they had been bundled together months ago. 

There was some speculation that perhaps there had not been enough rain to provide the results for which we had hoped.  We did have quite a bit of snow but it’s possible that it did not provide enough moisture.  Another possibility was that the bundles may have been a bit too protected from the elements as they were hung from a porch and may have been too close to the house.

While I’m not completely sold on this project, I am planning to try it again.  I had wrapped my bundle rather tightly with the string and wire.  That may have worked to my disadvantage by not allowing enough moisture to seep through.  I have some different water color paints and water color pastels that I want to try as well.  With spring hopefully just around the corner, I am hopeful that the sun may be an influencing factor as well.  This time I will be hanging my bundle from a tree further out in my yard.  I’m hoping for some more dramatic results.  Time (and the elements) will tell!

Valentine Gift Ideas

Need a little something for someone special this Valentine’s Day?  Here are a couple fabulous inexpensive ideas!


Hidden inside these pretty little gifts is a box of 24 crayons!  I love this idea because it is a great item for any little ones you have without sugaring them up on candy.  The card stock was stamped using a Stampin’ Up Stampin’ Around wheel.  You could also use any sort of background stamp.  It is cut taller than the crayon box and then folded around the box.  The top is carefully folded and punched.  A length of ribbon is threaded through one of the punched openings, around the bottom of the crayon box and then back out the other punched openings.  A bow tied at the top holds the box in place.  The front can be decorated with a matted stamped image or other embellishments.  I chose to use paper doilies and glittered dimensional foam hearts.


These little notepad sets are another non-sugar option and are nice gifts for older “kids”.  I purchase the notepads throughout the year when they are on sale.  They can be decorated with a matted stamped image or other embellishments.  Once again, I used glittered dimensional hearts.  Include a coordinated pen.  I like to find the clear barrel pens.  You can take them apart and insert paper inside the barrel that has been stamped to coordiate with the notepad.  Place in a cellophane gift bag and tie with a pretty bow to add the finishing touches.

Valentine Card Ideas

Monday is Valentine’s Day!  Have you made your Valentines yet?  If not, here are some ideas from the classes I designed that were offered at Ramona’s store last month.



Each heart shaped card opens a different way!  They are all sized to fit into an A2 envelope.  Patterns are available but I do not have them in digital form.  I can snail mail hard copies if you are willing to pay to cover the cost of duplication and postage.  Send an email to if your are interested in receiving a set of patterns.


This next group of cards features some fun techniques and ideas.

The bear card has a layer of acetate on which hearts have been stamped with Stazon permanent ink.

The large pink heart card features a heart image done with clear embossing powder.  It is matted onto silver foil wrapping paper.

A paper doily accents the next card.  It has been layered on top of vellum that has been dry embossed with a Cuttlebug folder.

The last card has a background that has been made with scraps of tissue paper.  The photograph doesn’t show it well, but the dimensional foam hearts have been painted with tacky glue and dipped into ultra fine glitter.  This is a great way to give foam shapes a little extra shimmer and really make them “pop”!

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