Ornament Wreaths

My ornament posts have been leading up to today’s blog.  We all have ornaments we dearly love but sadly there are mishaps and something gets broken.  While the ornament may no longer be able to be hung on the Christmas tree, it might still be possible to give it another life — use it to create an ornament wreath!


I originally found this idea back in 2001 in a Mary Engelbreit magazine.  The article recommended saving broken ornaments for just this purpose.  The ornament could be attached to the wreath such that the broken part would no longer be visable or could be hidden by other ornaments.  The article was published early enough in the year that I had plenty of time to collect other ornaments and items for my wreath as well.


Garage sales, thrift shops and even your own decoration stash can be great resources for finding ornaments.  Don’t stop with just ornaments.  Small toys, cookie cutters, artificial foliage, etc. add to the character of the wreath.  You might even have a particular theme in mind.  Collect more than you think you will need and include different sizes.  You’ll be surprised at how many ornaments will fit on your wreath. 


The base can be any sort of wreath but over time I’ve found I prefer to start with an artificial pine wreath.  I have used styrofoam and straw wreaths but they require a lot of small loose artificial pine branches and other greenery to fill in the gaps between the ornaments.   It also takes more time as you will need to hold the ornments in place longer while you wait for the glue to cool.  The pine wreaths give you a helping hand because the wired branches provide support for the ornaments while the glue is cooling.


As suggested above, the other thing you need is a hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks.  I recommend using the low temperature melt ones because it is almost inevitable you’ll end up with glue on your fingers as you complete this project.


Over the years I have made wreaths for gifts and have sold them in craft shows.  If you have inherited a collection of ornaments from a beloved family member, what a great way to preserve them!


A large fluffy bow at the top adds the finishing touch!  When I make wreaths to sell, I leave the bow off and have several for the buyer to choose from and attach it at the time of sale.


Each wreath is one of a kind. They are somewhat fragile so I don’t recommend them for outdoor use unless it is somewhere well protected from the elements. I would also recommend a nice sturdy wreath box for safely storing your wreath when it’s not being displayed.


I know it’s only February, but now you’ve got all year to start searching for and collecting ornaments!


I’ve got Christmas covered but now I’m on a quest to collect both spring and fall items so that I can make wreaths for those seasons as well!


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