Paper Bundles

September 2011

Last September, in my altered arts group, we made paper bundles.  The idea was to take various papers, water colors, string, wire and metal objects, bundle them together, and then hang them outside to allow them to be aged by the elements.

We brought them in at our meeting this past Thursday.  They’ve changed just a little bit.


February 2011

My bundle definately looked weathered and aged.  The wire had rusted as had some of the metal elements.  Unwrapping it was something like unwrapping a present.  I didn’t know what to expect!


Some of the results were amazing.  Colors had blended and run together distressing the papers for any number of altered projects.


Other papers were disappointing.  The looked very much the same as when they had been bundled together months ago. 

There was some speculation that perhaps there had not been enough rain to provide the results for which we had hoped.  We did have quite a bit of snow but it’s possible that it did not provide enough moisture.  Another possibility was that the bundles may have been a bit too protected from the elements as they were hung from a porch and may have been too close to the house.

While I’m not completely sold on this project, I am planning to try it again.  I had wrapped my bundle rather tightly with the string and wire.  That may have worked to my disadvantage by not allowing enough moisture to seep through.  I have some different water color paints and water color pastels that I want to try as well.  With spring hopefully just around the corner, I am hopeful that the sun may be an influencing factor as well.  This time I will be hanging my bundle from a tree further out in my yard.  I’m hoping for some more dramatic results.  Time (and the elements) will tell!


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