Messy! Messy! Messy!

This weekend my son joined me in my craft room. He makes earrings and he had a couple of orders to fill.

to you from ME designs

I had some clean up and some odds and ends to finish up.

PhotobucketFaux Glass Pendants

He was particularly interested in my second attempt at making a paper bundle.

Paper Bundle – Take 2

After helping me hand the paper bundle in a tree, his attention turned to an internet search for other ideas of what to do with paper.  He quickly found a link to creating dyed paper towels. We changed things up a bit and rather than using food coloring and paper towels, we used ink, water colors and cardstock in the hopes of creating some wonderful backgrounds for cards.


We soaked the cardstock in water and then used droppers and spray bottles to apply various combinations of ink and watercolors to the wet cardstock.  A few of the samples were sprinkled with salt.



We left the cardstock on trays to dry.  The clean up was the most difficult part.


After lots of soap and scrubbing, his hands were still blue!  I’m thinking I need to invest in a box of disposable gloves for my craft room.

Once dried, the cardstock samples look amazing.  I am very anxious to make some beautiful cards with it, but more importantly, another “date” with my creative and inspiring son!


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