This Little Pigment

When I first started stamping, I didn’t know the difference between dye inks and pigment inks.  I opted to purchase a set of Colorbox Petal Point ink pads because with my 40% off coupon it seemed like the most economical way to get a lot of colors.  It didn’t take too long for me to discover that they didn’t dry very quickly and I had to be extra careful not to smudge my images. 

I soon found my way to dye inks.  They were easier to use and dried almost immediately so I was less prone to mistakes.  I even passed my set of Colorbox ink pads on to my daughter thinking I would never again have a use for them.

How wrong I was! 

The characteristics that make pigment ink a bit more difficult to work with are exactly the same things that make it so versatile.   Alone, layered or with embossing powders, it is possible to create some very striking results.  The cards below are just a few examples I created while playing with my pigment inks.






If you’ve got any pigment ink pads you’ve relegated to the bottom of your craft supply stash, come join us at Ramona’s store on Wedneday, April 20, 2011.  I will be revealing my secrets in a class titled, “This Little Pigment”.

And just in case you’re wondering, among other pigment ink pads, I did re-acquire that same set of Colorbox Petal Point ink pads so my daughter didn’t have to surrender hers!


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