Ink Or Dye

I celebrated the end of tax season on Monday with my Ink Or Dye stamp club.  We met for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant so of course a margarita was included!


Our card challenge this month was to create a card from a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon image.  Rather than trading the cards, we all decided we would send them in a “card shower” to a lady undergoing treatment.

The ATC challenge piece was a small brown craft envelope.  It was amazing how many different and clever ideas we had!

My brain was still very much in “tax mode” so I couldn’t resist using that as my inspiration:


I received Betsy’s adorable little Easter Bunny.  She turned her her envelope into a pocket so he could hide inside.


With my crazy schedule last month, I almost missed the Ink Or Dye meeting in March, but luckily made it just in time for the trades and project.  However, I missed posting  the update, so here it is now.

Our card challenge in March was a t-shirt image.  I couldn’t get the thought of tie dying my t-shirt out of my head so that’s what I went with.  Since we pre-stamp our images at our meetings, my t-shirts were simply stamped with black ink on white card stock.  Now the question was how to turn that plain card stock into a tie dyed background without ruining the image.  (I always stamp a few extras just in case I need them.)

Hurray for computers!  I had a number of computer graphic backgrounds so I searched for just the right ones.  I carefully measured the locations of my images and then inserted the graphics into a Word document.  I then ran the stamped card stock through my color printer and voila!  I had my tie dyed t-shirt!


I received Barb’s card in the swap.  The pictures just never do her work justice.  Her t-shirt has a metallic sheen with a black cat stamped on it.


Our ATC challenge piece for March was a slide mount.  I couldn’t resist using an image of “The World’s Most Photographed Dog” — my “grand-dog”, Snickerdoodle — can you imagine how bad I’ll be when I have actual grand children?


Again, I received Barb’s ATC.  I think it’s been like 3 months in a row!  But I’m not complaining.  I love her work!


Stay tuned the next few days as I catch you up on our projects!


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  1. Loved your tie dye t-shirt and pretty pink ribbon card! I thought you were getting a lot of my cards and ATC!

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