Ink Spray Ghosting

Our project at our Ink Or Dye meeting in April was taken from Dyan Reaveley’s ink spray ghosting technique.  We used diluted dye inks in spray bottles and stencils.  Dyan’s video can be found at:

The dye ink is diluted with water and then sprayed on to white cardstock.  The sprayed cardstock can be allowed to dry naturally or heated with a heat tool to speed up the drying process. 



Then stencils are placed over the cardstock and plain water is sprayed over the stencils.  The stencils are carefully removed and again the cardstock is allowed to dry.  This results in ghosted images.  I found that the images became more distinctive as the cardstock dried.





Once the cardstock is dry, it can be used as backgrounds for images.  I’ve got quite a few backgrounds that are waiting to be used.  This example was created by Barb who introduced us all to this technique.

What a great effect!

I experimented with a number of different sprays.  Some worked better than others.  I didn’t have a lot of success with walnut ink, water based metalic ink or printer ink.  My Stampin’ Up inks were somewhat disappointing but I am thinking perhaps I didn’t dilute them enough.  It seemed like the more permanent the ink, the less dramatic the ghosting.  Water based inks seemed to work the best and I’ve now added Distress Ink and reinkers to my shopping list.  Regardless of the results, I was still pleased with my backgrounds.  Even if no ghosting was achieved, they were still beautiful.


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