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Tool Rule

When I was growing up, my Mom had her own set of tools which she kept in the bottom drawer in the kitchen.  This way she always had whatever she needed for small household tasks and she never had to venture into the abyss of my Dad’s garage.  My Dad was under strict guidelines that if he dared to enter this drawer and borrow anything from it, he was to return the item immediately when finished using it.  She never complained much about picking up after him, but if he didn’t return one of her tools, that was another story.

When I became a home owner, I was presented with my very own tool box.  This house warming gift didn’t come from my Mom, but rather, from my Dad.  I guess he learned something!  He even filled it with some essentials from his collection and then took me on a shopping trip to fill in what was missing.  To this day, that same little red toolbox sits on a shelf and my husband is held to the same rules as my Dad once was. 

Since discovering stamping and scrapbooking, my tool collection has expanded.  I now have an entire craft room that is my domain.  Occasionally my husband needs to borrow from those tools.


The annual karate tournament hosted by my son’s dojo is tomorrow.  Just like last year, my husband offered to make the customized wristbands for the participants.

Armed with my black Stazon ink pad and my “Karate” stamp, he set to work.  He’s become quite adept at stamping so I saw no need to supervise or offer assistance and I left him to his project.


This morning, I was up early to work on Mother’s Day cards so I could get them in the mail.  I went down to my craft room to find that the stamp and the ink pad had been returned as required by the “Tool Rule”.  But it doesn’t end there.  He’d actually cleaned the stamp AND put the cleaning spray and pad away as well. 

My Mom will be so proud!

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