The Angel Company

Yesterday, one of my favorite stamp companies announced it was no longer in business.  This came as very sad news to customers as well as the Angels, including me, who represented the company.  From the moment I learned about TAC, I have always loved their beautiful designs and quality products.

Company policy dictated that I keep my Angel blog separate from this one.  Before I shut that blog down, I will be moving my project postings to this one for those who might not have found my Angel blog.

While there is great sadness among the Angels, many plan to continue hostessing stamp clubs.  I am grateful that my upline, Sylvia, is one of those!  In between visiting, giggling and sampling the amazing snacks she had prepared, we actually got a couple cards stamped when we met in July.


The images for this card came from the Cowboy Boots set.  It was not a set I had on my list, but after seeing this design, I loved it!  It is such a cute, simple card.  I also like the masculine quality of the card.  Men’s cards are always so hard to design!


The other card was stamped with the Butterfly Swirls set which has always been one of my favorite TAC sets.  When I think butterflies, I tend to think spring, however with this card you can see that butterflies aren’t just for spring.  I love the way the fall colors work.

And if this wasn’t enough, Sylvia, like the many of us, had a stash of used stamps and stamp sets that were looking for new homes.  Very few stampers can resist a bargain!


I’ve really been inspired by vintage images lately and I have dozens of ideas for vintage cards dancing in my head.  These stamps definately fit with my ideas!

In the wake of sadness, there is still joy.  We still have beautiful memories and beautiful stamps and no one can take those away from us.  My heart goes out to all those Angels who are still reeling from recent news.  It is very difficult to lose something that has been so loved.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.  I wish you peace and strength as you determine next where your path will head.


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