Stampaway USA 2011

For the third year in a row, I helped out at the Stampaway Preview Party.  It’s always a good time with lots of treasures.  Here are the toys I couldn’t live without this year:


These teeny tiny puzzle pieces were my first purchase.  You really can’t tell from the  photo how tiny they are.  They will make the cutest embellishments for cards.


I have really been into vintage things the past few months.  I was thrilled to find these border stamps from Lost Coast Designs.  One is of buttons and the other is a tape measure. 


I’ve teased my daughter for quite some time about all those “frogs” she’s returned to the “pond”.  This little guy was just too cute to resist.  He is from B-Line Designs who had some fabulous vintage stamps.  I came home and downloaded their catalogs and I’m already building my shopping list for next year.


My big splurge this year was at Toomuchfun Rubberstamps.  They have several series of stamps to make some of the most clever cards I’ve ever seen.  I was torn between the hooded sweatshirt and zippered jacket, but as you can see, I ended up getting both.   And then of course I had to get the little zippers!


The samples here aren’t mine but are from Toomuchfun Rubberstamps.  They are just way too cute!


I didn’t do so well this year playing with my new toys but they are anxiously awaiting me in my craft room.  I hear them calling.  I must go to them.  And soon!


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