Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year!

2011 was a busy year full of distractions that kept me from so many of the things I enjoy.  My plan for this new year is to schedule time for me and all those fun things that got placed on the back burner. 

Just before Christmas, a box of treasures came to me.  My husband’s mom is downsizing and some months ago I had told her that if she had any crafty things or sewing notions that she no longer wanted to keep, I would be happy to make sure they were put to good use.  She has been a collector for quite some time and active as a reseller of vintage jewelry (among other things) on eBay.


Here’s just a glimpse of what she sent to me!  To many people, it might look like just a bunch of broken jewelry pieces, but I am thrilled!  You can guess what my first project will be.  I cannot wait to sort through it all!  I feel like I’m a little girl again — my aunt and my grandma used to let me sort through and rearrange their jewelry boxes whenever I would go to visit. 

Oh the projects that these treasures will inspire!  Here’s to 2012 and creating joy!


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