The Angel Company Projects

For about 18 month, I was a representative for The Angel Company (TAC).  Sadly, this past August they closed their doors. 

Icy roads today seemed like the perfect excuse for me to stay home today and catch up on lots of things that I’ve been putting off.  One of those tasks was closing down my TAC blog.  Deleting my posts about the monthly specials was not difficult.  However, I had a harder time when it came to the projects I had created with TAC products.  It just seemed a shame to delete those posts, but at the same time, it is time to for the TAC blog to go.  Even though some of the projects feature card designs and other techniques I have already posted here, I decided I would modify and move the postings here so that they could still be enjoyed. 

Over the next several posts, you’ll see why I was so in love with TAC projects and also why I couldn’t just delete my old blog!

For today, just look at what beautiful cards can be created with coordinating papers.  I love the trifold shutter card design and the bright colors bring a smile to my face on this cold icy January day.






Comments on: "The Angel Company Projects" (2)

  1. How SAD to see TAC go!! I had no idea they were in trouble or going to close! They had THE most reasonable prices and the LEAST amount of pushiness of any stamp company I ever bought from. And they did have the best projects too. I can think of so many not so good things that should have gone away instead of TAC. 😦

  2. Thanx Buffy! I was so sad to hear the news too. I loved their stamps — so many beautiful and cute sets. I’m hoping the artists resurface somewhere. I’m keeping my eye out for their styles.

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