Recycle and Reuse

With my busy work schedule and many family responsibilities, I did not get my Valentines made as I had hoped.  The past few months have left me exhausted and without much opportunity to play. 

Lucky for me, I keep a drawer full of unfinished bits and pieces of cards.  Some of the items are from techniques with which I’ve experimented.  Others are items I’ve put aside just because I couldn’t bear to part with them.  I find myself thinking maybe I might use them some day.

This really paid off this year when Valentine’s Day rolled around.  I had picked up treats for my family a few weeks earlier, but realized I didn’t have any cards made for them.  I didn’t have much time before I needed to leave for work when I remembered some left over covers I had made for crayon boxes last year.

I trimmed them down and matted them on white card stock transforming them into the perfect little Valentines.  A quick stamping of a sentiment on the inside and I had them finished!


I left the treats to be discovered on the table when I left for work. 

Later that evening, my husband reported that my son was especially excited about the little Valentines cards.  They were smaller than regular cards and he thought that I should make more of them to be packaged and sold in sets at craft shows.


You know, that’s not such a bad idea!  The design is such that it could be modified in a variety of ways. 

I always knew that boy was smart!


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