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Hair Chalking


From a little girl on, my daughter has had beautiful long hair.  At one point it was down past her waist.  It is so thick that when she had it cut to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, there were three pony tails of it.  Even with eleven inches cut off, it was still well below her shoulders.

I am not opposed to hair color.  I have used it myself for years to “enhance” my natural color but I was not a mom that supported my daughter coloring her own hair in junior high or high school.  On top of my opinion, it really was not necessary as she has always had beautiful natural highlights and thankfully she too realized that. 

I am not sure how it came about, but not too long ago she became intrigued with the idea of having the option of adding temporary color to her hair.  She had found a technique on the internet that was purported to wash out easily.  I was sceptical at first, suggesting she convince her brother to let her try it out on him after school was out.  (His school dress code did not allow for any unnatural hair color.)  I know that sounded really bad, but it did make sense.  He gets his hair cut much more frequently that she does.  And he loves scientific experiments.

However, he was not as receptive to this idea as I thought he would be.  Plus, once she had her chalks in hand, she was not patient enough to persuade him to be her guinea pig.

I am happy to report that this story has a happy ending.  The techinique worked fabulously and she was very pleased.  The color stayed in her hair without getting on other things.  She could comb and style her hair the way she wanted.  And it washed right out with the next shampooing.

The only downside was the mess she left in the bathroom!  But that was easily remedied and the cleanup just involved wiping off the sink.


So here is how you do it…


  • Artist chalks – These do not have to be expensive.  The cheap ones work great.  Make sure they do not contain any oils.
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Plastic or latex gloves – A definate must as the chalk color will remain on your hands and is harder to wash off.


  • Spritz the strand of hair you wish to color with water.
  • Apply chalk directly to the dampened hair.
  • Allow hair to dry naturally or use a blow dryer with a light setting.
  • Style.

The color will show up more vibrantly on light colored hair or by using more vivid colors on darker hair.  This really is a fun look and you can coordinate your colored highlights with your outfits!

His Very Own Cornhole Boards


Hubby has wanted his own set for a very long time.  He has shopped around but never quite found what he truly wanted.  I should not have been surprised when he decided to build his own.  After all, I have learned there isn’t anything he can’t do!

I never thought I would say this about cornhole boards, but they are beautiful! 

And of course, University of Kentucky Wildcat themed!

Looking For My Inspiration

Those closest to me know that I haven’t really done any serious scrapbooking in about two years.  Oh, I have still been collecting goodies and there are visions dancing around in my head.  Sometimes there are just too many ideas and I don’t know which ones on which to settle and actually work.

Life also has a way of getting in the way.  In the past two years there have been new business adventures, family members moving, new hobbies, and a flooded basement. 

Just to alleviate any concerns, the basement flood was relatively minor.  It was a sump pump failure with only an inch or two of water in the basement.  We were somewhat prepared.  Having experienced something like this 4 years earlier, most things were raised off the floor or stored in plastic bins.  It is amazing what a mess just a small amount of water can make.  We ended up needing to clean and sanitize everything and replace storage shelves that did not survive this second flood.  The good news of all of this was that even as time consuming as it was, my craft room was completely reorganized, my storage area was completely revamped and we got rid of loads of stuff we no longer really needed. 

In addition to some increased opportunities with my consulting business, I became more involved with participating in craft shows so I was concentrating more on handmade cards, stationery items and jewelry.  My son is actually the master jewelry designer and it was a lot of fun to have a partner with me at the shows.

After joking around with two of my friends on Facebook, we began traveling the state sampling the wines of the various wineries.  It wasn’t too long afterward, that my husband (who supports ALL my adventures), discovered weekend wine tastings at our nearby party store and they have become part of our regular weekend activities.  It has grown from there and we are hoping to start making wine ourselves and there is even talk of planting our own little vineyard.  My son has started collecting the corks and we have been exploring other wine related craftings as well.

This past year we adopted an adorable rescue dog and said goodbye to our two older dogs as it was time for their journey to The Rainbow Bridge.  My Mom, who had lived in the same town her entire life, finally decided after 82 years it was time to move.  Rather than being 4 hours away, she is now only a 6 mile drive.  It is more convenient in some ways, but at the same time, more responsibility in others.  At the same time my Mom moved, my husband’s Mom also made some significant life changes as well, moving from her home in Florida in with one of his brothers.  During her downsizing, I inherited quite a lot of craft supplies and my son inherited his own sewing machine for his projects.

After my hiking group went on a tour of a nearby historical cemetery, it rekindled my interest in genealogy.  I had put that hobby away for 17 years.  With the internet so much has changed.  It has been simply wonderful to uncover new family members, discover family stories and meet cousins I did not know I had.  I have been fortunate to attend some genealogy conferences and make a number of family history trips.  As a result, I have even more things I want to scrapbook.  Which brings me back to where I started!

It has been a long time since I have scrapbooked!  Even when I would get together with my scrapping buddies, I usually ended up working on cards or genealogy because I hadn’t had the time or the inspiration to get things together to work on pages.

That definately needs to change!

Today, while searching for some ideas on another project, I stumbled upon an intriguing website:


It was a 2009 posting.  I began clicking around and was delighted to see that it was still an active site with lots of content!

Oh my!  Something more to add to my to do list!  And hopefully some really good inspiration for me to get back to doing what I need to be doing!

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