Chocolate Covered Bacon

Brody says, “You are doing WHAT to the bacon!?!?!”

For quite some time I have considered cooking to be an art and a science.  Add a bit of creativity and it certainly qualifies as a craft as well.

As much as I would like to take credit for this idea, it was my brother in law who brought it to my attention.  Someone he worked with had tried this and it was just bizarre enough we knew we had to try it.

It starts with steak cut bacon.  Steak cut bacon is unusually thick.  Hubby located a slab of uncut bacon at our local grocery and had them slice it about 3/4 inch thick.


The bacon is cooked over medium heat and turned frequently. It took about 45 minutes until we were sure that it was cooked completely.


Once it was drained and cooled, we cut it into bite sized pieces.


We then dipped the pieces into melted dark chocolate.


A few minutes in the refridgerator to help the chocolate to cool and harden and it was done and ready to share!

We attend wine tastings regularly at our local party store so we had the perfect opportunity to test out this creation at today’s tasting. We kept it a secret at first. It was so much fun to see everyone trying to figure out what was hidden in the chocolate. One of our friends ate 12 pieces! The general concensus was that we had hit upon something pretty amazing. I guess we should not have been surprised. Everything is better with chocolate. And everything is better with bacon. So, of course, when you put the two together it can only be phenomenal!


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