Magnetic Note Boards

Credit for this clever idea goes out to my friend Betsy.  It was over a year ago that she made several of these and I loved them.  It was my plan to make them for Christmas presents for my daughter and some of her friends for their dorm room doors.





The boards are actually flat pizza pans that have been decorated with coordinating scrapbook papers and ribbons. Magnets can be attached to embellishments, buttons, or other items for use with the board.

I made matching magnets from small glass gems like what are used in mosaic tiles. I punched half inch circles from the scrapbook paper and attached them to the glass gems with a drop of Glossy Accents. A half inch magnet was then attached to the back of the decorated gem, again with a drop of Glossy Accents.

Sadly, I missed the boat with my daughter’s college crowd. She is a senior and more focused on graduating than decorating her dorm this year. The same is true with her friends. I did surprise her when she was home for Thanksgiving by hanging one of the boards on her bedroom door — the black and white one to match her room. She was delighted. Now I need to come up with a less “girly” version for her brother who now also wants one. To please his picky tastes, I plan to let him pick out the papers he wants himself.

As for the remaining 3 boards, if you would like to purchase one, just let me know and I can have it to you in time for Christmas. Cost is $15.00 plus shipping.


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