Mint Serving Trays

I first saw this idea on Pinterest.  Then a friend of mine tried it and it really worked.

It was so fascinating that my 13 year old actually stopped gaming to help me with these clever creations.


All you do is arrange mints side by side on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Then put them in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees.  The mints will melt and fuse together.  It is kind of like a candy version of fuse beads.

My creation before…

…and after.

Because of the melting, the outside edge does flow a bit so you do not end up with a “perfect” shape.  But it still makes for a very festive serving tray.

My son’s creation before…

…and after!

Of course we still had some leftover candies, so my son decided to make some mini trays.


…and after!

The parchment is critical or the candies will stick to the trays.  Once the trays cooled, they came off the parchment with ease and were surprisingly sturdy.  They are perfect for sharing treats during the holidays.


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