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Glitter Makes Everything Better

Those who know me, know I cannot bring myself to throw something away if it can be repurposed. I am not sure where this comes from. Perhaps it was from leading a Girl Scout Troop on a budget for 13 years. Or perhaps it was because once upon a time I was a school teacher who was also on a budget. I have memories from my childhood of my grandmother who would tie her garbage up with old Christmas ribbons and save the backs of church bulletins to use for writing out grocery lists. I distinctly remember visiting her once and when I had finished all the pages of my coloring book, she pulled out some catalogs and we colored the black and white pages! This repurposing goes back quite a ways.

Somewhere along the way, I inherited a supply of adhesive backed foam hearts. I believe these were left over from several years ago when my son and I made Valentines for one of his grade school exchanges. He is in high school now and way beyond the days of making Valentines for his classmates. I have used them from time to time as embellishments but I have always added some glitter because by themselves they just seem to be missing something.

Yesterday, after a long and stressful day at work, I arrived home with the beginnings of one of those winter bugs. I crashed on the sofa and after a short nap I awoke not feeling a whole lot better but wanting to do something to take my mind off my misery. Working in my craft room did not hold a lot of appeal so I needed something that did not require much work space.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I remembered the foam hearts. How much more convenient it would be to have them all glittered and ready to go when I needed them. And I could work on them from the comfort of my sofa.


The process is very simple. The dimensional foam hearts are “painted” with tacky glue and then dipped into ultra fine glitter. The glitter gives the plain hearts that something extra. They are actually quite stunning with the extra sparkle. This technique can be used on any foam shapes.

I cannot guarantee I will be making Valentines this year, but if I do at least my hearts are ready!

And my sofa has a bit of shimmer too!

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