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Kool-Aid! Oh Yeah!

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I’m always up for an adventure and my son is always up for an experiment, so this year, when I stumbled upon the idea of using Kool-Aid to dye Easter Eggs, I knew we had to give it a try.  This method also had the added bonus of not having to use vinegar.  I don’t mind the vinegar, but my hubby hates it and every year complains about the smell.

It’s relatively simple and no more costly than buying an egg dying kit.  For each color you use 1 package of Kool-Aid and 2/3 cup hot water.

We used the following flavors:

  • Lemonade – yellow
  • Orange – orange
  • Cherry – red
  • Grape – purple
  • Blueberry Raspberry – blue

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And of course, some hard boiled eggs.

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We were very pleased with the results.  For the first time, we had red eggs that were truly red!

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There were a few things we learned along the way.

The lemonade flavor Kool-Aid does not provide much color.  In the original article I had found, it recommended adding a bit of the orange Kool-Aid to the mixture.  We did that, but evidently did not add enough, so we ended up boosting the color with 6 drops of yellow food coloring.

Our store was out of lime for the green color so after we dyed the yellow and blue eggs, we mixed the colors to make green.

I don’t know what it is about purple dye, but it hasn’t mattered what method I have used in the past.  I have always been disappointed that it isn’t a prettier shade.  Since mixing the yellow and the blue to make the green worked so well, next time we plan to forgo the grape Kool-Aid and try mixing the red and the blue to see if that will work better.

We had to use spoons to handle the eggs.  When we touched the eggs right out of the dye, the color would rub off.

We also had to allow the eggs to air dry on paper towels.  Just like touching the eggs, if we dried them off too soon, the color would rub off.

As an added bonus, after the dying, we made the left over Kool-Aid solutions into the soft drinks.  I was skeptical at first because I thought there might be an slight egg taste.  My son was willing to throw caution to the wind.  We scaled the water and sweetner back to about half.  We are happy to report was no residual egg taste so nothing was wasted in the clean up!

This whole process has made me look at Kool-Aid in a whole new light.  I’m actually planning to experiment with adding Kool-Aid crystals for coloring and flavoring to icings, cakes, and other baked items.

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