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Paw Painting

Inspired by Jenna Marbles and having three potential artists at our disposal, we couldn’t help ourselves. After all, we might have had a new Picasso in our midst. The possibilities of marketing a line of canine art could result in untold wealth! Or at the very least, we’d have some really cool paper for creating scrapbook layouts and dog themed greeting cards.

Brody, one of our potential artists, is a rescue dog. While we don’t know a whole lot about his background, we do know he spent some time on the streets fending for himself and scavenging for food. Two years later, he still has concerns about his next meal and will steal food from plates and attempt to consume anything remotely edible. So rather than opting for child safe paint, we went to the internet to find a recipe for edible finger paint.

Sugar, flour, water and food coloring was all we needed and the recipe was quick and easy. We definitely need to give a shout out to Momtastic for their posting. You can find it here:

 photo 105_2886-cropped_zps871b1c30.jpg

Snickerdoodle was first.  His reluctance to participate in this new art form really wasn’t much of a surprise.  He has never liked baths or anything that has to do with water so sticking his paws into something wet and gooey was not on his list of things he was dying to do.  After being placed on the paper, he responded by leaping away and leading a chase with my daughter in hot pursuit.

 photo 105_2888_zpsf438aefe.jpg

Benson was next.  While he wasn’t thrilled with having paint on his paws, he didn’t create a big fuss and actually seemed to catch on to the process quite quickly.

 photo 105_2890_zpsdef4feb9.jpg

 photo 105_2891_zpsef2ae931.jpg

Finally it was Brody’s turn.  He wasn’t so sure about this whole idea of painting at first, but later found there were some advantages.

 photo 105_2892_zps9b214e7b.jpg

As predicted, when he was finished, Brody ate the paint.  Apparently it was quite tasty.

 photo PIC_0015_zps71590bb1.jpg

Each dog did end up with a masterpiece suitable for hanging on the refrigerator.

 photo Snickers1_zps895c956b.jpg

 photo Brody1_zps6d38a7fc.jpg

 photo Benson1_zpsb29eb9d1.jpg

 Oh yes, I had to play too!
 photo 105_2910_zps70f99c02.jpg

I highly recommend the homemade edible finger paint.  Like I said earlier, it is quick and easy.  It’s made from ingredients most everyone has on hand.  So definitely keep it in mind for your little ones!

As for striking my fortune?  Well, I guess I’m still working on that.

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