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Snowflake Placemats

After seeing a photo last January that a friend had posted on her Facebook page of her holiday table, I fell in love with her snowflake placemats. She told me she had found them at Pier One. Since it was several weeks past Christmas, I figured my chances of finding them would be slim to none.

I went to Google and my search did not disappoint me.  I found a crochet pattern for snowflake placemats that was just perfect.  At only $4.00, it was a bargain and I did not hesitate a moment with my purchase.

 photo 100_3537_zpsbb779d03.jpg

Knowing how time can get away from me when I choose to procrastinate, I decided right then and there to get the yarn I needed and set to work so that the placemats would be ready in time for Christmas.  It had been quite a while since I had done any crocheting and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.  The placemat project was perfect.  It was very portable and I could grab my bag and go in seconds.  Anytime I had appointments where I knew I could end up waiting, I took it with me.  I got it down to where I could do an entire placemat in an hour.  I ended up making a set for myself, a set for my Mom and a set for my Daughter.

As the placemats were completed, I put them in a plastic bag to keep them clean and temporarily stored them in my craft room until they were all finished so that I could block and starch them all at the same time.  And then life got in the way and I forgot about them!  It did not help that when our new furnace was installed, my craft table got moved to once side of the room and the chair with the bag on it got trapped behind the table.

It was not until yesterday, December 23rd, that I discovered them!

Quite honestly, my craft room is in a disastrous state.  Sadly, months have rolled by and I have not been able to give it the attention it needs.  I so want to get things back in order so that I can actually use my space and try out all the projects I have been bookmarking on my computer.  Imagine how annoyed I would have been had it not been until after Christmas that I had found the snowflakes!  Especially considering I had worked so hard to make sure they were finished well before the holidays.

If it had not been for the boxes I was digging for  in order to wrap Christmas presents, I definitely would not have found them in time.  Taking after my Mom, and my Grandma before her, I have a box of boxes.  Both ladies were recycling long before it became fashionable.  I had managed to topple my box of boxes and I was rather annoyed with myself.  But as they say, everything happens for a reason.  When I crawled underneath the table to pick up the boxes that had escaped, I saw the bag of placemats on the seat of the trapped chair.

So much for wrapping presents!  I immediately grabbed the bag, my spritzing bottle and a can of spray starch and set to work.

 photo 100_3536_zps8e877305.jpg

We may not have a White Christmas where I live, but it will definitely be snowing at our dinner table!

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