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It’s been quite a while. Too long actually. So when my friend, Betsy, invited me to a scrapbooking retreat, I was eager to join her.

I had been working chronologically on my kids’ scrapbooks. I think I had made it up to 2003. Even though I had a supply of photos on hand from that time, I decided to take a different approach. I had a number of portraits from recent years, some special scrapbooking paper I had picked up, plus some more recent events that brought me more inspiration. So this time I took things a bit out of order.

I was please to have accomplished quite a lot during the retreat. Then at home, I put some finishing touches to complete the pages on which I had worked. For posting purposes, I did mask the names and personal information, but rest assured, the pages are all complete!

 photo 100_3691-noname_zpsabcf8b45.jpg
The sock background paper has been waiting a long time for
these photos of my son performing in his mismatched socks.

 photo 100_3692_zps6deff911.jpg
I picked up the school days background paper at a
scrapbook outlet when we were on vacation in 2007.

 photo 100_3696-noname_zpscd887743.jpg

 photo 100_3698_zpscc1ead1e.jpg
These are the first portraits we had taken of my son and his trombone.

 photo 100_3700-noname_zps5c1241bc.jpg
Brother and sister portraits from 2010.

 photo 100_3690-noname_zpsd1f7fecb.jpg
Basketball paper makes the perfect background for basketball game
photos and ephemera. Beads from the team pendent would have
been too bulky so I recreated the effect by using sequins.

 photo 100_3699-noname_zpsfb1030ce.jpg
Even though this page shows 2010,
this portrait of my handsome son is from 2011.
I’ve corrected the date since this photo was taken.

 photo 100_3702-noname_zpsece7027f.jpg
This was by far my favorite page of all that I completed.
The posted photo does not show my son’s name which surrounds the
top of his portrait similar to how the date is positioned beneath it.

 photo 100_3693-noname_zps6df382fa.jpg
These photos were taken after a mishap when my daughter
was cleaning her room.  She was rearranging her stuffed animals on
top of her bookshelves when Simba accidently fell behind the corner shelf.
The shelves are all attached to each other so the only way to get
behind them is to disassemble them and that was not about to happen.
Luckily, she had a Plan B!

 photo 100_3706-noname_zps19413241.jpg
This is a portrait of my beautiful daughter shortly after her first
“grown up” haircut.  Her name appears vertically in calligraphic letters
going down the left side of the page. The color did not photograph well.
Her blouse and the matting are purple, her favorite color.

 photo 100_3708_zps53a8427b.jpg
When the kids get too old to go see Santa, what do you do?
Take the furry kids of course.
And then scrapbook their portraits!

 photo 100_3709_zps519c52e6.jpg
This photo my daughter messaged to her boyfriend on
Valentine’s Day was just too cute not to scrapbook!
I even managed to procure the original note from her.

 photo 100_3694-noname_zps6d1df3d1.jpg
I didn’t have a plan for the bark background paper when I found it
included in a paper pack. I can’t imagine another background that would
work better with these pictures of my daughter and her feathered friends.

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