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I cannot say for certain if I learned to save things that might have a future use from my mother or my grandmother. I was a school teacher and Girl Scout leader so that also may have contributed. I do not consider myself a hoarder as I have no issue with giving something away if I know it will be put to a purpose. Thankfully I have a large basement and an understanding husband so I have somewhere to go with my “treasures” until inspiration strikes.

And so it was with some white plastic containers I had saved from powdered drink mixes. One of the most fabulous things about these containers was that the entire label could be removed without leaving a trace. That meant I could decorate them easily and not worry about having to paint or cover anything up. I cannot tell you how long they have been sitting on a shelf waiting for a rebirth.

I was in my craft room one evening and while looking for some scrapbooking paper, I located a new wooden picture frame in its original non-descript brown cardboard box. Quite honestly, I had wondered for quite some time what had happened to this picture frame. It was from some over-stocked warehouse fodder that my husband had been given from work. At a later time, he was given another frame just like it and when he handed me that second frame, I had an immediate plan to alter and embellish both frames for my daughter and her best friend. However, at that time I could not lay my hands on the first frame. Since I could not say for certain if I had kept it or given it away, I had pretty much dismissed it. But then there it was! I quickly went to where I had stored the second frame. Luckily I had planned better and knew right where to find that one. Although I did not feel inclined to work on the frame project right then, I felt better knowing that the frames had finally been introduced to each other and I would be able to lay hands on them both at the same time in the future.

The frame story is important because it was the second frame that led me to the white plastic containers which are really the subject of this post.  I am going to go off on another tangent, but hang with me as it will soon all fall together.

I started a new job this past August. The building where I work is near a wooded area and occasionally we have visitors who enter without ID badges. Some people might prefer to call them “Mickey” and “Minnie”, but I chose to name them “Fred” and “George”. Yes, I am referring to mice. I have not been visited by them personally, but others I work with have experienced sightings and other evidence of their presence. I keep the snacks in my desk in a sealed plastic container, but up until this time, my plastic ware was kept in a ziplock bag. A ziplock bag really is not much of a challenge for a mouse, but I had not found another container that would work. So, when I saw the containers on the shelf, I knew I had found my solution.

My original thought was to cover the containers with ribbon, but if I did that, I would not be able to complete the project in one evening.    I wanted to be able to take them to work the next day so I needed to use something different.  In this case, neither decorative paper nor decoupage would work.  Then I remembered my stash of washi tape.

The washi tape was the perfect solution.  It was quick and clean, and as luck would have it, the perfect width so no trimming was required.  The project went so quickly I ended up decorating all five containers in no time.  I used vinyl adhesive letters to label the tops of the containers.  Later on if I decide to repurpose the containers, I can easily remove the labeling and apply new.


Comments on: "I KNEW there was a reason I saved that!" (2)

  1. Shelley Goltara said:

    Great idea for reusing the containers! But what is washi tape?

    • Washi tape is a Japanese masking tape that is made from natural fibers. It is light weight but strong and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It is perfect for paper crafting. Many craft stores and paper crafting companies sell it. I ordered mine from

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