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2000 Pages

Okay, that was a little misleading.  I’m not posting 2000 pages, but I am posting pages from the year 2000.  These were among the treasure trove of photos I found from projects I completed during the past 4 years.

The chubby little boy in the first layout is now almost 15 years old. The duck float served as the inspiration for this layout.

 photo P1010096_zps6fcd57c8.jpg

The next series of pages were from a visit to the Longaberger Homestead. Sunflowers were everywhere. The embellishments are made from silk flowers that I took apart and glued back together so they could be attached to the pages. Although it wasn’t planned, my daughter’s dress coordinated perfectly!

 photo P1010092_zpse9991ffb.jpg

 photo P1010093_zps572f174e.jpg

 photo P1010094_zps39b000ce.jpg

 photo P1010095_zpsb2b43c3c.jpg

Notecard Sets

When my daughter finished her internship, she wanted to present the staff with gifts. However, being an intern, that meant her checkbook wasn’t overflowing so she came to me asking for ideas.

Well what is more perfect that a personalized, hand made gift? She had taken some amazing photos throughout the year of her internship of the flora and fauna where she worked. I immediately knew exactly what she could do!

 photo IMG_6939_zpsc4a8ff95.jpg

Over a year ago, I attended a card class that Sylvia, my former upline from The Angel Company, was putting on. In the class, we made notecard sets complete with a coordinating holder. They were adorable. I made these same card sets in school colors as thank yous for my son’s teachers last year. (It was one of the few times I forgot to take photos of my projects.)

Instead of using coordinating scraps of cardstock, my daughter used her beautiful photos as the covers for the notecards. She personalized each set of cards by selecting the photos especially for the recipients. They were simply gorgeous and everyone loved them.

The holders were made from a single 12 by 12 inch two-sided piece of cardstock. Each side of the holder could hold 2 or 3 notecards depending upon the thickness.

 photo 105_2689_zpsfe2c4e47.jpg

 photo 105_2690_zps956e8c7f.jpg

All it takes is a bit of scoring and some fancy folding to make the holders that stand up on their own. A bit of ribbon and a pretty bow and they are ready for filling!

 photo IMG_zps6a27339c.jpg

I have included the folding instructions.  If you are having difficulty reading them, right-click on the directions and save them to your computer so that you can zoom in to read the text.

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

 photo P7122596_zps4316cac7.jpg

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this scrapbook page before today! I finished it sometime ago and it has been one of my all time favorites. I love how the colors of the papers work together to capture the spirit of my crazy little pizza loving boy. He’s much older now, but to this day, pizza is still one of his favorite foods.

Found Treasures

Not too long ago I was searching for a photo from a project I had worked on in the past.  As much as I thought I had my craft photos and notes organized, I quickly discovered this was definitely not the case.  While my files were not in complete disarray, there was still quite a bit of duplication and disorganization.  Time to get busy!

I started out matching up photos to my blog postings.  It was actually quite a nice little trip down memory lane.  Along the way it became apparent that as much as I had posted, there was quite a lot that I had not.  Bonus!  I have lots of treasures waiting to be shared!

While life has gotten in the way and I haven’t been creating as many new things as I would like, suddenly I find I still have all kinds of things to post!  I am so excited to get back to writing and sharing my triumphs, adventures and even a few tragedies.

Stay tuned!  There’s lots of fun ahead!


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