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Senior Dinner Dance Pages

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been 6 years since these photos were taken and even harder to believe that I have never posted these scrapbook pages.  I actually had to go back and check throughout my blog to check.

Scrapbooking special events like fancy dances are always so much fun. Usually there were before and after pictures that show the transformation of “Cinderella”.  But for this particular event, Cinderella was annoyed with her scrapbooking Mom and was less than cooperative while she was having her hair done at the salon.  In one of the few photos I managed to take, she made such a horrid face that she was hardly recognizable.

 photo IMGP1944_zps5dd645a6.jpg

Yes, I think it is pretty clear why that did one did not make the cut.

Showcasing the special dress meant coordinating stamps and embellishments. I found the perfect stamps to use to create the borders for the page.  They were from the now retired Gratitude set (C1322) by Close To My Heart.

 photo P1010086-masked_zps769f41ae.jpg

It is hard to see in the photos, but the centers of the stamped flowers were accented with small rhinestones.

 photo P1010087_zps3703f3bb.jpg

Cinderella’s hairpiece and corsage were made especially for her to coordinate with her dress by yours truly. Several years ago, my Mom, who had owned a flower shop, had taught me how to make corsages, boutonnieres, and other items.  As you can see, this turned out to be a very handy skill.

 photo IMGP1979_zpsdfb8d161.jpg

I used the left over leaves left from the floral materials as embellishments. I added more bling by accenting the veins on the leaves with a glitter pen.

 photo P1010090_zpsb481b887.jpg

Cinderella was stunning. Our stylist went above and beyond and really outdid herself with her hair.  As you can see, once she was all beautified, she had no difficulty posing for Mom.

 photo P1010089_zpsa77b9722.jpg

And of course, no special event is complete without the ephemera associated with it!

 photo P1010091-masked_zpsf7fd4bb6.jpg

My Personal Jewelry Designer

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that my son had developed his own line of jewelry to sell at craft shows.  It all started with a 4H class when he was 8 or 9 years old.  He had been waiting for years to be old enough to participate after seeing all the amazing things his older sister created when she attended 4H classes.

I was a bit surprised when he selected the jewelry class, but he was excited about it and had a great time.  I was amazed at the earrings he had made.  They looked so professional.  In the next few weeks we made several trips to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to purchase tools and supplies.  At first he was making earrings for his sister and me.  This was a huge bonus for me.  I am allergic to most metals so it was fantastic to have a nice supply of pretty and fun hypoallergenic earrings.

As his sister and I received compliments on our earrings, we all began to see the potential for him to sell his creations.  A friend of mine gave him his first opportunity by displaying his earrings for sale in her small shop.  And then, of course, there were the craft shows.

His first creations were beaded earrings, similar to that very first pair he made at 4H.

 photo IMG_3858_zps3699954a.jpg

He was always on the look out for unique beads and his designs became more sophisticated.  We even came up with a clever logo.

 photo P6102345_zps9ce9785f.jpg

A display by another jewelry vendor at a fair reminded me of a craft I had learned when I was in Girl Scouts. I showed him how to make paper beads and he then turned them into unique earrings. They were super light in weight and people loved them.

 photo DSCF4219_zpsc07c1f0e.jpg

When I discovered some wine corks with designs, I gave him a challenge. He did not disappoint. I get compliments on my wine cork earrings whenever I wear them and he has sold several pairs. They have also made wonderful gifts for my friends who, like me, are wine lovers.

 photo IMG_1005-cropped_zps7c6a14c9.jpg

 photo P3105729_zpsce7fe04d.jpg

Craft Shows Past

 photo 1016091753_zpsac125da7.jpg

Once upon a time, fall weekends meant craft shows. At least once a month I would pack up the cards and gift items I had created, and with the help of my husband and son, cart them to who knows where in the hopes of scoring some extra cash. Some shows were profitable, others not so much. Still the anticipation that the public might fall in love with my creations was enough to keep me engaged. During this time, my son was my constant companion. He even developed his own line of jewelry that provided him will some extra spending money too.

Then along came high school and marching band and somewhere it became uncool to hang out with Mom doing the craft thing. Now our fall weekends are full with football games, concession stands, practices, and band competitions. I’m not complaining. My son has taught me more about music than I learned in four years of piano lessons. Because of him, I have an appreciation for marching band that I never had before. Music is truly an art form. I am honored to share my time with him. It is a joy and a thrill to watch him perform. More than once he has brought tears to my eyes.

 photo 20693ea0-ebbe-4ff0-bc95-1b59bad20106_zps0e1edcb4.jpg

 photo 8d021183-2bcd-48f8-9b87-1b5a485c941e_zps3349a3b7.jpg

He is so grown up, so talented, and so accomplished. I cherish this phase of his life and know that he has great things ahead of him.

Yet, when I go through old photos, I can’t help but miss that little boy who used share his time with me at my craft shows.

Look carefully behind the table…

 photo 1107091044_zpse8fc4cfb.jpg

What would we have done with out GameBoy when the novelty of making money wore off?

 photo 1107091043_zpsf40e3584.jpg

Nothing like an “I love Mom” fake tattoo!

 photo 1017091424_zpsf555c05e.jpg

We did have a lot of fun together!

 photo 1017091426a_zpsfbe93660.jpg

And I’m going to be in a LOT of trouble for posting these!

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